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CIM Winnipeg offers Corporate Membership to companies interested in the training and development of their future managers - Canadian Institute of Management Winnipeg


The Canadian Institute of Management offers Corporate Membership to organizations that are genuinely interested in the training and development of their future Managers and wish to be recognized for their commitment to management excellence.


Successful companies are realizing that effective training of their future management team will be critical to their long-term success. They want to be more involved in the training process to ensure their people are being trained effectively and in areas which will have the greatest benefit to the corporation. In addition, they understand that recognition for their commitment to management excellence conveys an enhanced corporate image in the eyes of of their customers, community and valued employees.


To achieve this, it is necessary for the Canadian Institute of Management to establish closer relationships with the many companies who send their key people to our program to prepare them for the challenging and increasingly difficult role of manager. This ensures that we understand their current management training needs and allows us to modify and adjust our programs to ensure the effective and sustained development of managers in Canada.


The Corporate Membership category in the Canadian Institute Of Management was established to to assist in the development of this closer relationship.


How can the Canadian Institute of Management help your company?


  • By providing flexible programs which respond to your communicated requirements for training and development.
  • By providing Local and National recognition of your company's commitment to management excellence.
  • By providing access to Local and National activities and educational seminars to enhance your manager's knowledge base.
  • By providing feedback on important educational development and managerial issues.   

Other Benefits Available:


  • Two general memberships in the Institute
  • Exposure in the Canadian Manager magazine
  • Corporate membership plaque
  • Local and National recognition
  • Subscription to the Canadian Manager

The Canadian Institute of Management is a national organization with an excellent perspective on management trends and developments within Canada and the United States. We can provide your company and its employees with the professional development programs required to become effective, efficient leaders.


Contact us now and find out how we can help your company invest in its future and ensure long-term management success.